On display at SeenSeen Gallery

SeenSeen Gallery opens its doors to show works by contemporary artists, designers and photographers from The Netherlands, Europe and the Middle East!

With works by:

Birgit Severin (DE)
Daan Lievense (NL)
Dietmar Gunne (DE)
Engelbert Fellinger (NL)
Hannah Maring (NL)
Jolijn Pasmans (NL)
Jorrit Paaijmans (NL)
Julia Walter (NL)
Kyra Sacks (NL)
Merav Sudae (ISR)
Nesma El messiry (EGY)
Sebastian Winkler (DE)
Tamara Barrage (LEB)
Daniel Costa (IT)

The exhibition OPEN plays with the connections and contrasts between different works and disciplines. All artists, wether working with drawing, sculpture, ceramics or jewellery, reflect strongly on their material or medium. The exhibition title refers to the mentality of SeenSeen Gallery and its mission to provide an approachable setting for contemporary art and design for both artists and art lovers.

Witte de Withstraat 182
1057 ZL Amsterdam

SeenSeen Gallery
Opening time of SeenSeen:
Thursday,Friday and Saturday from 12:00 till 18:00

Thirty six more films to develop..

Garden of the Gods, CO USA
Garden of the Gods, Co USA

This Summer I went on a trip to the USA to visit family and to visit state and national parks. This one is taken at Garden of the Gods in Colorado. It has beautiful red rock formations and is only a 45 minute drive from Denver. This is one of the first pictures I’ve made during this trip (with a nice jet lag).

Still 36 more rolls of film to develop with photos I’ve made during my trip. More USA pictures are sure to follow.