Forests and landscapes

Nature in the anthropocene

Even though the ornaments of civilization are all around us, there are still some parts of the globe where human influence is small. I want to find and photograph these almost pristine spots before they are spoiled.

Swedish forest
Swedish forest
Amstelveen, 2019
Amstelveen, 2019
January, staring at the water, 2018
Near Hraftinusker, Iceland
Near Hraftinusker, Iceland
Hiking trail Landmannalaugar – Þórsmörk, 2017
Glaciers Landmannalaugar.
Glaciers Landmannalaugar, 2017. OFFICIAL SELECTION Concurso Internacional de Fotografia Montanha – Montanha International Photography Contest 2019
Autumn, 2018
Frozen beach, 2018
Forest near the sea, Groet, The Netherlands, 2017
Mountains near Stepantsminda in Georgia, 2016. (Georgian: სტეფანწმინდა; formerly Kazbegi, ყაზბეგი). Stepantsiminda is known for its scenic location in the Greater Caucasus mountains.
Grass, where the sea meets the coast, 2017.
Amsterdamse Bos, 2017
WH Vliegenbos in Amsterdam, 2017. This small forest is a green oasis in the city sprawl at the north part of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Darjeeling Hills, India
Darjeeling Hills, India, 2009. When I took this picture you could faintly here the chants from a nearby Buddhist monastry.
Mist in Mtrala
Mist in Mtrala, 2014. Near Batumi in Georgia is Mtrala national park. It has a rain forest climate due to the humid air from the Black Sea that is trapped by the mountains.
The day's last rays of sun
The day’s last rays of sun, Colorado USA, 2011.
Arapahoe National Forest, Colorado USA
Arapahoe National Forest, Colorado USA, 2011. When I made this picture, I was on a hike and balancing with a big backpack on a rock.
River in the rain
The Svaneti is a region in the nortwest of Georgia and is located in the Caucasus mountains. The picture is taken in the rain, hence the mist over the water, 2014.
Early morning in Navaho Nation
Early morning in Navaho Nation, 2013. The land of the Native Americans near Desert View, Arizona. We had the privilege to spend one night on their beautiful land. I woke up early and took this picture when the sun came up. You could only hear the wind and the sound of birds echoing over the canyon, and I could almost feel the ancient spirits that are here.
view on grand canyon1040px
View on Grand Canyon, 2013. The trees and bushes are the main subject. The canyon is like a note in
the background, unlike most pictures of this miracle of nature.
Bryce Canyon, 2013
Zion, National Park
Zion National Park, 2013. Winner Viewbug Outstanding Award, June 2014.
Pyhä-Luosto - 5 am
Forest of the midnight sun, taken in Pyhä-Luosto Finland, 2012. This is a national park above the arctic circle.
Lonely Island, Linnansaari Finland, 2012.
Mountain Air Rach, Colorado USA, 2009
Mountain Air Rach, Colorado USA
Blossomin Westerpark, Amsterdam, 2012.
Seagulls, 2012.
Tidal flat
Tidal flat, seascape, Vlieland The Netherlands, 2013. The Wadden Sea is an intertidal zone in the southeastern part of the North Sea. It lies between the coast of northwestern continental Europe and the range of Frisian Islands, forming a shallow body of water with tidal flats and wetlands. It is rich in biological diversity. Made with a 1937 Rolleiflex.
Staring at the sea
Staring at the sea, 2012
Elfland forest, Vlieland
Elfland forest, Vlieland, 2011.. Some people call this forest Bomenland, but since my youngest daughter told me that elves live here, the name has been changed ;-).
Vuurboetsduin, Vlieland, 2011.
Vuurboetsduin, Vlieland 2011
Grasses, Castricum
Grasses, Castricum, 2008.
Hortobagy, Hungary
Hortobagy, Hungary, 2010.